I have some great pictures of Lori, but I guess I’d better let her be the one to decide which ones get posted
Instead I’ll post a few of us at work today. Just like last break it’s
back to the job site with dad. This time it’s an addition to a house,
so not quite as complicated as a remodel job. We’re at the finishing
stages now and there is always a lot to do. Good thing because we all
hate to just be sitting around because we don’t know what to do.
Stacie ran some electrical and put in most of the plugs.  Jason
put up doors and trim and cabinets, while Adam installed light fixtures
and Jeremy did a bathroom cabinet and the attic stairway (Jeremy is
coming to our house in the morning to install a new stairway for us -
it seems our other one broke).

I painted. All today, all yesterday and
all the day before that. Today I did about six doors and 20 bazillion
trim boards. I listened to all of the CD’s I brought and had a great
time swapping comments with anyone who came out where I was working. I
also worked on my tan a little – it’s not in just any state that you
have to watch our for farmer’s tans in January! Over all the day was
productive, dad was happy and so I am happy. I get the rest of this
week off to go to a wedding, so I’ll see you all later!

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