Time for a picture post! These will not be the greatest professional
shots you’ve ever seen, but they do recap the end and beginning of the
year, and the overall blast we had because of God’s blessing on the

First of all, a dear friend of mine from STEP came to spend the weekend
at our house – bringing along a few other siblings for the benefit of
my siblings. These being “city folk” we had to give them the whole
“experience” of the way we live.   I took them out to where I work and saddled up the horses for a ride.

I put Babe through a few of her paces to take out any kinks before the others rode her.

I guess I didn’t get all of them out. Bekah did a fine job though.

The little girls had a blast riding “Red”, the oldest, most trusted horse; no danger here.

By the time we got back, the boys had just finished their paintball
wars and graciously allowed Bekah and I to try out the guns on a
target. Hitting two out of ten gave us grand dreams of becoming
champions – don’t you think so?

Women in White
That evening we went to the church to finish out the new year with
friends. We had a short service recapping the Lord work during the year
and I told my ice cream testimony. Then almost everyone between the age
of five and twenty five, headed to the volleyball court where we played
speed volleyball for two hours. A short break to restock on fudge the
remaining players played one game of real volleyball. By that time the
lateness of the hour, coupled with the potency of the fudge all reason
fled and a new game was invented – ultimate volleyball. I will spare
you the details but sand was flying. The time was wonderful, good
fellowship, good food, good weather, good year.

Now for the new year. Church was wonderful! The sermon was on
rekindling your love for Jesus. Dad was so inspired, he wants us all to
do skits about it next Sunday when he does substitute teaching for a
Sunday school class.

This afternoon, the weather was so beautiful (84 degrees!) that we
decided to put in the new flagstone walk that mom has been wanting.

And just tonight we gather with some friends and took the annual “Polar
Bear Plunge”; a traditional dip in the water on New Years day; all this
just to justify drinking hot chocolate! Oh well, you have to take the chances you can get.

It has been a wonderful year of seeking the Lord and following His
direction. I have seen the hand of the Lord in a whole new way and I’m
excited about living each day with Him. As I have drawn near unto
Jesus, he has kept his promise to draw near unto me. This next year
holds so much potential and I know the Lord will do great and mighty
things. I am excited! My God is an awesome God.
Take up the challenge of living for Jesus and live this year to the
max; fulfilling what the Lord has planned for you. God bless you all
and Happy New Year!

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