Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve contributed to the xanga ring, guess
I was enjoying real life too much It looks like my site was hacked
while I was gone, oh well. I am finally going to post the Sevens thing
that I was tagged with. This will be a little different however because
the purpose of my site is not to talk about me but about bringing glory
to God. With that said…

Seven things I think God wants me to do before I die:
(I had to think about this for several days)
1. Work at STEP this May/June
2. Participate in a triathlon
3. Get married
4. Learn Russian and go there
5. Write a book on Ice cream
6. Suffer for His name’s sake
7. Make disciples

Seven things I don’t do because of God’s direction to me:
1. Dance
2. Drink alcohol
3. Kiss before engagement
4. Lift weights
5. Watch “R” movies
7. Drink Starbucks….j.k.

Seven things that attract me to Jesus:
1. His constant wooing
2. His patience with my slowness
3. His goodness even in my rebellion
4. His “realness”
5. His gifts of ice cream to me
6. His strength and authority
7. His everlasting arms that are always holding me

Seven things I say most often to God:
1. Please help
2. I don’t know what to do
3. What do you want me to do
4. I’m frustrated
5. Lord I offer up myself to you…
6. I love you so much!
7. I don’t deserve this much goodness!

Seven books that have impacted my walk with God:

1. The book of John
2. Jane Eyre
3. George Muller biography
4. Captivating
5. Secrets of winning men (don’t ask)
6. Amy Carmichael
7. The Robe

Seven things I could watch over and over again:

1. The birth of a new life (sort of yuck but so beautiful it gives you thrills)
2. My little sister pray
3. Fire
4. Any of Tom Harmon’s sermons
4. Sunrise
5. Realization dawn on someone’s face
6. My dog running; it glorifies the creator in its own way
7. My nephew’s smile

Seven people I most recently prayed for:
1. Robert Santini – please pray for him, he fell today and cracked his skull.
2. Bryce Reckner
3. Maggie Hicks
4. Jeremy Cook
5. Adrienne Houser
6. Bekah Owens
7. My dad

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