Well yesterday was a very full day, lot’s to think about. I went to
work with my brother on his FedEx route and we had a great time
catching up on our lives and discussing life.

One thing we were discussing was life choices and what was behind our
actions. I was also reading a book and came across a really good
explanation of why we have boundaries on our behavior.

  The starting point for our
guidelines has to be a heart desire to honor God…rules for the sake
of rules that are based on human traditions have no value in
restraining indulgence….that only comes by God’s grace. However, an
important part in receiving and applying that grace is establishing
behavior that flees from temptation and puts sin to death. This
involves establishing guidelines that help us. These rules…help us
put our convictions into action.

  The boundaries that we set for ourselves, yes the ones I have
set for myself, are based on what would enhance Christ’s reputation.
Think of anyone going into the public area and coming under scrutiny of
the press; they better have a good track record or any “little slip”
will be blasted to the whole nation and their credibility ruined. A
stupid choice, or a little activity that “wouldn’t hurt anything” now
becomes a source of regret and embarrassment, possibly even ruining a
chance to be effective.

  There was an incident a few years ago (forgive me for not
remembering details) but Bush was trying to appoint a good conservative
lady to fill a key government position. The opposition however found
that she had harbored and helped an illegal alien, albeit out of
kindness, and under the pressure of the accusations she had to turn her
back on the position offered her. She had made a slight “bend in the
law” and with a good motive too, but that compromise ended in defeat by
hurting her character and rendering her useless to serve her country in
a way that would have had incredible impact.

  The same can happen to us as Christians. God has led me to draw
the line in some places that others might not; they might think I’m
weird and try to get me to change. But I’m not doing it for my
reputation but for Christ’s who dwells in me. We have to carefully
guard our reputation, lest after you have preached to others, you
yourself are cast away. Keep yourself unspotted by the flesh.

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