God has done given me some wonderful things week and I just wanted to praise Him:

1. I got my test scores back for public speaking and I passed!

2. Our family did the entertainment for the Christmas party at my
Grandmothers retirement home and while talking to one of the ladies
there I invited her to our church and offered to come and get her, and
she came!

3. Dad installed a new oven (the other one was a goner) so I spent most
of this afternoon “trying” it out :) I think I am in my element in the
kitchen, it’s hardly fun unless you have multiple things going at once.

4. Perfect weather for Connor’s birthday. Friday morning there was
still ice everywhere, but by Saturday afternoon, it was a sunny 60
degrees – perfect!

5. We had the opportunity to help the guys a little with their project
at the church; they were both giving a whole week of their time to
build a sound booth.

6. Sunday night I went with my brothers to AWANA and was blessed to
watch David work with the kids. David has such a heart for people and
he too enjoys ministry. It means more to me than I can say to watch my
brothers minister for the Lord. Maybe no one can be perfect, but their
heart is in the right place.

Com bless the Lord with me!

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