Ahh, the twists and turns of life…”sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down.”
I finally made contact with my academic advisor yesterday (she’s the
one helping me through the process of graduation). I found out that I
have several essays to write by the end of Dec. (some by the end of
this week!) That wasn’t so bad, it was the next thing that really made
for a bad blow; it seems that two of my tests will not count for credit
because of the order I took them in! I don’t know what I’m going to do
about that, tomorrow I’m going to call my other evaluator person and
see what she makes of the whole thing.
That whole conversation took place over lunch break and seemed to
affect the last half of my work day. I was on the job with dad and had
had a productive morning running electrical circuits. I had saved the
“best” part for the afternoon; running home runs through the attic (and
insulation). My good work record fell through the roof, I mean, I fell
through the ceiling. It all happened quite unexpectedly but quick
reflexes left me hanging in the rafters when my feet went through the
sheet rock, leaving only insulation to plummet to the floor below. A
little stiffly I resumed work, only to trip a circuit when my drill
rubbed through a wire coating; the bright flash followed by lights out
informing me of my mistake.

Deciding that maybe I would be more productive at home, I accordingly
stayed here today and tried to get some of the “to do’s” off of my
rather lengthy list. As far as getting things done, my day went really
well; I rode the horse and Brian accompanied me, I got several gifts
made and I put together our family newsletter (which is still printing
which is why I’m still up) I even wrote a resume! (one of those
required papers for my college). I think my brain was slightly
disturbed however because I tried something weird for lunch. I put some
lettuce, and several vegetables in the blender to see what one of those
“salad shakes” tasted like. Let me just say I’m cured of that
curiosity! I don’t know if it was the raw garlic or the celery but that
green mush was far from pleasant. I managed to get down about half of
what I had made, but finally I couldn’t stomach another bite. I have
never wished we had a garbage disposal as bad as I did this afternoon:
“down the drain you foul slime!” My
brothers found the whole thing highly amusing – guess I’m not cut out
for health food. Still feeling a little queasy and knowing I needed to
go ride the horse (lot’s pf bouncing there) I decided to try and calm
things down a bit with some Starbucks ice cream recently acquired a
humble and penitent Jeremy. That did the trick and I was able to go on about my day, contemplating the rarity of garlic-mocha breath.
In all, the last two days have been somewhat productive and very
instructive. Now I think I’ll just drop into bed fully clothed as I am so
that I’ll be ready to hit the streets by 6:00 tomorrow morning -
hopefully a good five miles. Good night all.

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