Today is a very special day! One year ago God gave us a wonderful
little boy that has brought joy and laughter, love and blessings into
our lives.
Conner Andrew Jones (a.k.a. “the Nephew) had his first birthday today!

How he has grown since that first hospital visit a year ago.

Some of his friends came to play.

        I think they had fun!

There’s no time like the presents!

Connor loves Blue’s Clues and his party was themed on that show, so
Katie dressed up as Blue to entertain the children – much to Connor’s

Conner was a little unsure of this strange person…

…but soon he decided that Aunt Amy was okay. Another little girl took
a lot longer to warm up to me. I soon had her confidence and we had a
good time playing together however at the end of the party when I
thought everyone had left, I washed off my make up and came out only to
have her take one look and back away in wide eyed shock – it’s like
finding out that daddy is Santa Clause or Ronald McDonald has straight

I thank God for this wonderful little guy and the promise that his life
holds. His parents are committed to bringing him up in the way he
should go. They are a responsible, tightly knit family and this party
was thrown as evidence of the love and support that surrounds this guy.
As we anticipate the coming year, we cover the way in prayer that
Connor Andrew would follow in the footsteps of Jesus and grow in the
fear and admonition of the Lord.

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