What a great weekend! Camping, the lake, swimming all day, sunburn, a friend’s boat, water-skiing (that’s me in the profile pic) I got up on my very first try! After all day on the lake we came in for supper and I made apple pie in my dutch oven which we had with, what else, Blue Bell’s Homemade vanilla ice cream! :) How American is that! We played dutch blitz on the tarp until my brother’s little dogs got scared at some fireworks and ran across the cards. So we went down to the lake and sat on the dock to watch the show. Oh was it beautiful, a cool night breeze blowing, boat lights gently moving across the rippling water, fireworks lighting up the shoreline all around the lake, our family softly singing patriotic songs, my dog stretched out on the dock with her head in my lap; such peace, such contentment.

Right before I went to school God gave me several times of calm and beauty, as if I would need something to hold on to and remember during the busy times at Verity. Now He’s giving me some neat sights of the beauty of the outdoors to remember as I head back to the city. The lake was one, another was an incredible view of the Texas highways – yes they are beautiful, I have a picture. But one of the neatest came this morning; I was out jogging and my head was down looking at the paper which had the verses I was memorizing. Suddenly looking up I saw a doe standing not 20 feet away, she started to bound away but when I stopped so did she. We stood there silently regarding one another, a stillness and calm between us. This lasted at least a minute and then my dog (my faithful jogging companion) came running up from where she had been

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