We are supposed to be pulling in to our campground right now, but obviously I’m still at home. Why? My brother got FedEx-ed. This is a phenomena that happens to all FedEx employes; any time they have something to do or somewhere to go they get packages to far out places or get called in for a “meeting” with the boss. We experienced this quite often when my dad was still working for FedEx, sometimes a we would get a late start on a vacation, or dad wouldn’t be able to make it to an event of ours, or sometimes an outing would have to be cancelled all together. Of course, I can’t really complain too much, FedEx (along with God’s incredible workings) did manage to send us to England – long story.

All is not lost though, we had to eat supper here at the house instead of on the road which meant we had access to the freezer and the Blue Bell ice cream! I’m eating the flavor “Cookies, cookies, cookies” right now, it chocolate chip cookie dough with oreo cookies and oatmeal cookies in a vanilla ice cream – yummy! I’ve also been able to try several new flavors since coming home; Fresh Banana, Key Lime Pie, and Wedding cake (good, but doesn’t match my all time favorite, Birthday Cake)

All in all, God is good and I’m happy.

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