Hi friends, most of you who read this are in Flint right now, I am at home :)

But my luck is not going to hold out as long as it did in January; I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. On a side, are there any guys up there willing to house my brother for a few days? He’s a great guy; quiet, neat, fun to talk to and a great sense of humor.

Other news: Since my last post I’ve been busy visiting friends and doing all the things I enjoy doing that I can’t do, or are difficult to get done in Flint. One of the major things is jogging and sports (without the encumbrance of a skirt) I like jogging at home because I don’ have to worry about traffic or milkshakes, and I have a partner to jog with that’s ready to go at any time for any distance – my dog. She’s good to have along, drawing unwanted attention from the dogs on my routes away from me and onto her capable self. She always jumps up, excited to go and never complains, though she did start lagging and my 7 and 9 mile runs.

Yesterday was wonderful, and spent almost entirely outside even though it was 97 degrees. We started in the morning with a picnic breakfast out in the fields near our house where we picked wild grapes which we will use for juice and jelly. Then two of my brothers and I headed out to mow lawns for their landscaping business. Mowing from 11:30 to 4:00 is difficult in this heat. I also found out that those really nice thick lawns are really hard to push a mower through, I’m glad to help, but I’m also glad I don’t have to do this on a regular basis. May God bless you with many sons so that you never have to mow your own yard.

Since we worked non stop we didn’t get lunch until about 5:00, and we decided just to call it supper and forget lunch altogether. I took my little friends out with us, and then Halle (11) came home with us until soccer. She had some questions about the Lord and His ways and we had a very good talk, I’m so glad that God gave me the opportunity. I was able to give some examples from my life, show some truths from scripture and assure her of God’s love for her. Praise God!

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