Lance turns 10!

Each birthday that comes around is highly anticipated. Lance asked if he could have the day off of school and I said yes – good thing, because he was so excited he couldn’t concentrate anyhow!


Lance had some very specific ideas for his birthday cake. He wanted gummi worms coming out and people shooting at them. Garrison helped.

I dubbed the cake “gummi worm Armageddon.”

The party itself was a blast. We used my dad’s partially constructed house as a Nerf war zone.


Brian explained the scenarios and acted as Ref.

Guns were carefully selected and loaded.

And the war was on!


We put up cardboard barriers all over the house.

The girls were skeptical about getting shot, so they watched the proceedings from a scaffolding.

It looked like so much fun they eventually decided to join the fray.


There was cake and presents – but really, the main fun was in the play.

2 responses to “Lance turns 10!”

  1. Kathy Gruben

    Such fun! I can’t believe he’s ten.

  2. anne jones

    Great fun idea! And that first picture of Garrison looks incredibly like his Papa Jones at that age.

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