9 Years Ago

Last weekend we had the opportunity to travel through Brenham on our way to get a goat. This is the little town of the famed (infamous?) Blue Bell ice cream and also where we spent our first date, the evening Brian asked me to marry him! For the sake of nostalgia, we decided to swing by the gazebo in downtown…


This is us on that wonderful night 9 years ago.


And here we are today! A lot changes in a few years! God sure had grand plans in mind when He allowed our paths to cross.


6 responses to “9 Years Ago”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Six in nine years and a new house built…my, you’ve been busy.

  2. anne jones

    What an amazing blessing!

  3. Stacie


  4. Carol Cahill

    I just love this. God is good.

  5. Kim Williams

    Great shot! Thank you for sharing!! And we miss you all!

  6. Laura Cahill

    What a neat memory to share and what a great family picture! God has blessed y’all tremendously!

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