Busy Bees

Did a small unit on bees one day this week. First we read Magic School Bus and the beehive. Quite full of information and it really sparked Lance’s mind.

Then we made bee balloons and danced to flight of the bumblebee.

pics 155

After all that exercise the bees rested while watching winnie the pooh on Youtube. Meanwhile I prepped for the next activity. Oh, it was also decided that Ivy was the Queen bee, Lance, as the boy, was a drone and little Flora was the worker bee.

pics 160

I made little cups into flowers filled with “nectar.” A bee would find it and come back to tell the others the good news.

pics 159

Lance finds one up high!

Flora does the wiggle dance.

pics 161

Lastly, in a stroke of genius, I had them collect “pollen” in little pouches, taking it all to the “hive” which happened to be the toy room. Unfortunately it only took one or two runs before they caught on that this was really cleaning up and not a “real” bee activity.  Oh well, not everyone can be Mary Poppins.

2 responses to “Busy Bees”

  1. Lori

    Katie will love that they’re wearing their bee dresses :)

  2. Jack Paslay

    I thought the nectar was a good idea and the pollen even if they caught on to your ruse.

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