Topped off

The winter rainy season was fast approaching – in fact, rain was happening in town, in the county and all around us. But God held it off of our thirsty land while we hurried to dry in our house.

A beautiful day dawned:

pics 233

The building stood ready….

pics 221

First a blanket of insulation (yes, the 60 year old man on the right is my Dad, the ridge runner!)

pics 216

Flora checks out the attic space (while mommy nervously watches from very close by).

pics 224

Panels are measured, and holes pre-drilled. (Dad and the brother Brian)

pics 225

Taking the panel up! Due to the trees we liked next to our house, each panel had to go up in one place…

pics 228 

and slid across the roof to the other end (brothers Michael, David and Timothy)

pics 234

Katie ready to secure the next panel. The beautiful day was sunny and pleasant, but the reflective roof made for hot work and good winter tans!

pics 351

Brian took off work for the second day of roofing and I was able to help as well. It was overcast and slightly misting which made for cooler working but a slippery surface.

pics 399

The finished roof!

pics 397 

Side view :-)

And then the rains came! A downpour like we hadn’t seen since the spring.  Katie and I ran through the raindrops, lighting and thunder to stand in the house and listen to the rain on the roof. Thrilling!

“For He sendeth rain on the just and the unjust”….and sometimes, He withholds it, just for us. :-)

4 responses to “Topped off”

  1. jennifer parsons

    awesome the house is look great

  2. Carol

    God is so good. I didn’t get the whole story but who got hurt the other day? Which is the kids? and how?

  3. Jack Paslay

    We’re all waiting to hear how Flora got her finger mashed. Hope she’s ok now. House looking great.

  4. Stacie

    I love the way you blog – you pull such neat spiritual lessons from everyday life. I am so excited about your house. You are about to catch up with us and our work at Sweet Home.

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