Catching up…

Where did I last leave you? Ah yes, I believe it was here:

house 741

Things have changed quite a bit since then!

house 766

More framing has gone up: walls, halls, bathrooms, pantry!

house 770

Ivy looks out her bedroom window!


house 829

OSB is added to the outside.

house 775

The ground crew is ready for action!! A cooler morning calls for hoods!

house 794

Everybody has boots for working on the job site. Whether or not the boots are worn all depends on the child.

house 778

Lance picks up bent nails.

pics 054

Ivy sweeps up leaves.

house 831

Flora surveys wall placement.

house 786

Eden sweeps….

house 806

and checks the walls for stability.

The ramp is built so trusses can be carried up to the house. Our inspectors put it through strenuous testing to make sure it was safe for the work men.

Next up – the roof!

2 responses to “Catching up…”

  1. jennifer parsons

    the house is looking great

  2. Jack Paslay

    Wasn’t Flora afraid of being up so high?

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