Camp Grammy

Since you’ve now been in suspense the last two weeks, I’ll attempt to finish out the pictures from Camp Grammy.

The Gear:


Our beautiful Flora models the official camp t-shirt.


All the kids have one, I just couldn’t get them to stand still.


Eden’s “Auntie” wanted to make sure everyone matched and thoughtfully bought this outfit.

The food:


Safari-scape – animal chicken nuggets, cheese stick tree and cheese sun. Tragically, a volcano erupted and covered the animals in lava (ketchup).


Animal pancakes – monkey face, elephant and giraffe. I’ll let you decide which pancake looks like which animal.


Monkey sandwiches and bananas – this calls for monkey faces too!


And popcorn. Yes, not particularly animal themed, but it fed a dozen small people and was quite popular.

The Animals:

It can’t be an African safari without seeing some wildlife!


A “vicious” ‘possum was trapped and later released to the wild (to serve as target practice for Uncle Dude – conservation is only for endangered species I guess.)


“Poison dart frogs” were in abundance and Lance became quite adept at catching them. Ivy liked them too but didn’t have a good record with being careful because when she begged Lance for one of his, he handed it to her with the admonition “don’t dead him”. (again the conservation issue, maybe that should be next year’s theme?)


An unsuccessful attempt to find “monkey vines” was redeemed by a rare sighting of a wild hare. By quick wit and even quicker legs, this little rabbit escaped with its life. The kittens (not pictured) also managed to make it through the week alive (survival of the fittest?) and have now been thoroughly gentled for future owners.

This post has now become long so I’ll finish in another post tomorrow….stayed tuned!!

3 responses to “Camp Grammy”

  1. Anne Jones

    Thanks for encouraging Grammy. She sure enjoys having the grandkids over.

  2. Brian

    I like how Ivy stands closest to the opossum and Lance is furthest. Cute pictures. :)

  3. Lori

    You are definitely the pancake creation queen!

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