Visit to the beach

Over the weekend we visited Brian’s sister, Rachel, who lives near Houston. As part of the visit we took the kids to the beach.


Ivy takes her first steps into the water encouraged by Rachel.

IMG_2702   IMG_2749

Lance was a little unsure about things but with Daddy’s help he braved the waves. Cousin Oliver tries out the water too – though both he and Lance preferred sitting safely on shore and making sand castles.


Ivy was a regular little beach bum. She took right to the sand, water and other people’s toys. She loved every bit of the trip, so of course, she got most of the photos.


Gotta watch those waves, they sneak up on you when you’re not looking…..


…and knock you flat!


Daddy dug big holes and put Ivy in them – she loved it! All the mud filled in around her and it was hard to pull her out.


Ivy was starved by 11:00 and couldn’t get her food in fast enough! A sandwich and fruit revived her for a little more playtime before we headed home.


We had fun with the Bryants – thanks for taking us!

One response to “Visit to the beach”

  1. jennifer

    looks like ya’ll had some great fun I love the picture with Ivy sitting in the hole

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