More from the week

My 5th grade group is a lively bunch – with anywhere from 20-27 kids, things stay hopping.


Generally we open with a quieter activity – here some girls do a Bible scavenger hunt.


Craft time is always popular and provides a good break between “teaching” moments. Here the girls show their marshmallow animals.

 IMG_1829  IMG_1870 IMG_1858

We’ve also made “rustic” crosses with foam and pine cone chips, personal journals and tin can lanterns.


Snack time is a cookie fest for the kids so we’re glad rec comes next to run off a little bit of that sugar!


Today we had a bounce house


and obstacle course!


When rec is over we come back to the room for a wind up session before they leave. Here the kids are doing a wildlife ID challenge.

 IMG_1854  IMG_1860 

Of course, my kiddos are having a great time as well. I catch glimpses of them throughout the day. Here Lance is putting pennies in the boys collection bucket while Ivy checks out the supply of donated Mac and Cheese. Meanwhile Addison and Landon enjoy the bounce house. I’ve also seen them heading for the playground and enjoying snow cones.

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  1. Sandya

    Hi Amy,

    Nice to see your posts, always brings smile on my face.
    Can you please let me know more about the camp? I have a 5th grader and a second grader whom I would like to send. Could you share the info?…location?hours? and the fee?


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