The getaway

Taking care of two kids is hard work. Fortunately our kids are so cute nobody would believe that statement…least of all Grandma! Playing upon that ignorance we happily left our adorable munchkins at her house and ran away.


We refreshed ourselves at the San Antonio Riverwalk, were reminded of our children when an outdoor singer did a number in tribute to moms, and pretended like we were a young, free couple without a care in the world (or maybe we weren’t pretending after all).


Brian did a little house hunting and found our dream home :-) We think it must be a foreclosure due to the condition but are very optimistic about it’s potential.


After a night in San Antonio we flitted over to the quaint town of Brenham and toured the Blue Bell ice cream factory. Actually, we mostly just went for the ice cream at the end of the tour. I chose the new “Summer Berries” flavor while Brian picked “Groom’s cake” (must have been in a honeymoon type of mood).


We took a nice stroll downtown, visited the gazebo where he took me the night he proposed, and enjoyed a display of antique fire engines which made us think of Lance. We ended the evening with a movie that we watched without interruption.

IMG_1561     IMG_1558

Next morning we visited the Rose Emporium nearby and enjoyed walking through the gardens and admiring the landscaping. I’m posing by my favorite flowers – snapdragons. Brian had me take a picture of the clay pot graveyard for his dad – the headstones had titles like “cracked up”, “busted”, “rest in pieces” and “died broke”.


Our last event was in Bryan where we got to meet our newest kid. It’s 12 weeks old and quite active! It jumped around and waved to us – you can see it’s little “alien” face above the round belly and a small arm and hand in the act of waving.

Feeling much refreshed we were reunited with our kids and had a picnic in the park. Fun times – thanks to my family!

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