Weekend visit

My sister, Lori, and her husband Jonathan came for a visit last weekend. Here are some of the highlights!

IMG_0898  IMG_0903 

Lance got his birthday present from Gammy – a fire hat! He also got a box of raisins from Aunt Lori and proceeded to eat the entire box upon opening. Ivy tried the big slide at the park – exhilarating.


We played Bocci while grilling a fajita feast! L&J won – though it seems Brian has a handicap…


Went to the Stockyards on Monday. Lori took this shot of me and the kids. (note Ivy eating the rocks)


L&J had couple bonding time trying to race through a huge wooden maze.


The kids whiled away the time in a stage coach. Almost couldn’t get Lance out when it was time to leave!


Lori picked up a cute cowboy who was hanging around the depot. Just needs a hat and he’d be perfect.

 IMG_0924 IMG_0926

Next stop: Botanical Gardens. Got a sisters shot and a rare one of Amy up a tree. We explored many forgotten trails.


The kids enjoyed the outdoors immensely and were the only ones not worn out by the end of the trip.

We had a great time visiting and talking, playing and laughing. I love family.

Looking forward to another visit and a birthday party this weekend!

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