Adventures in the country

We are at my parent’s house for Christmas vacation. Today, cousins Connor and Abbie came over to play so we decided to build a fire.


Lance enjoyed throwing sticks at the fire. He would go way off, find a special leaf and bring it back for the fire. While burning some tomato vines we used a sheet to make smoke signals.


Once we had a good fire we had our traditional burning of the Christmas tree.


Everyone stood at a safe distance to watch. Lance was a little scared.


Now what should we do with all these coals? Roast marshmallows of course!


We pulled out a few sticks to make a small roasting fire for Lance.


Katie and Connor sit at the big fire – Connor one-ups Katie in the marshmallow dept.

 IMG_0350   IMG_0360

After getting the boys situated I turn around to find Abbie trying to load five “march-messos” on her stick!

IMG_0359 IMG_0349

Mmmmmm-mmmmm goood!

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