For those of you who prefer some of the more traditional types of romance we had plenty of that too.

First of all, a major road accident that rerouted the entire highway for miles (see this article) gave us an extra hour or better in the car to talk. :-)


On our way into San Antonio we stopped at a disc golf course and played the 18 hole course. (not romantic? Man you guys are tough!) Afterwards we stopped by my own ice cream place! It was like Cold Stone or Marble Slab and we each ordered whatever we wanted.


And after our long bike ride we cooled off at some beautiful fountains in Hemisfair park. We soaked our feet (briefly – it was cold!) ate some snacks and chatted for a while.


Of course, we spent quite a bit of time on the Riverwalk – even kissing on a bench at night :-) (was that too much for the reader?)


All the walking around made us HUNGRY! So we meandered along the river until we found a restaurant that had a romantic looking table near the water and stopped for dinner – Mexican both nights.


The price of last nights dinner on the river sent Brian searching fountains for some extra cash! :-P


He got us a few pennies and we threw them back in to make a wish – I wonder if they’re half or twice as likely to come true? I loved all the angles in this picture.

img_7203 img_7260

At a mission and on the Riverwalk – just enjoying beautiful surroundings, gorgeous weather and the best company we could ask for.


On our way out of town the last day we stopped by the Japanese Tea Gardens for some amazing architecture and beautiful flowers!

After all of that, it’s no wonder I felt like a newly wed all over again! :-)

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