Random happenings

New Years day Brian and I went out for an all day date! We started off at the mall smelling perfumes, made several short stops at some stores to return an item, check prices and get a few things – Brian came out of it all with a new watch which he badly needed. Next stop was two different piano stores where we asked a bunch of questions about electric pianos and got to try a few out.

We’ve been looking at getting a piano for a while now so I can keep up my skills and decided that a small electric one would fit our purposes and be easier to move around until we were settled in a more permanent location. We had seen one on Craig’s List but had no idea what to look for so we gathered info at the showrooms and felt we should go for it!

We played telephone tag with the owner while we used gift cards to eat first at McAllisters (bowl of soup) and then at TGI Friday’s (an appetizer and a dessert). Finally making contact with the piano seller we headed way out into the country and picked up our new prize!


This is a Korg Concert piano. I enjoy the ability to keep the sound down if Lance is napping while I practice – Lance just enjoys the whole experience of making noise with it. I’ve pulled out my old pieces and I’m reworking some of them, thrilled to find I’ve not lost my touch.

In other news….Lance has made some great progress in his skills and abilities:


Yesterday I taught him how to clean the toilet – he worked at it for over 15 minutes! Nothing like child labor :-)

Lance has also taken off walking all over the house holding on to anything that will bear his weight. I took this film about a week ago and it’s already outdated as far as what he can do and how fast he can do it. Brian had a great time playing with him on Sunday, hiding around a corner and “scaring” Lance as he came around it. We were all laughing our heads off – which tended to make Lance a little wobbly. My favorite is when he laughs so hard his legs kind of melt and he has to sit down.

The other day he was cruising along a wall and I left the room to go do something. I heard him moving and pretty soon his little self came out the door and spied me – he was so proud of himself for finding me! What a fun kid to have around!

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