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We’ve had a lot going on – as you can see from the last few posts – and those events managed to crowd out a few other happenings that I would like to record.

First off, our marathon training moved up a step last Saturday as we “taxied” around another Dallas landmark – DFW airport (green line indicates route). The run was made interesting by new sights and sounds; planes landing and taking off, a huge hanger with three planes inside, massive parking lots (Brian saw a “slug bug”) runways and lights and a convoy of trucks making some sort of delivery. Lance came along, of course, and his only complaint was being a bit cold despite his many layers. Unfortunately, when you’re 8 miles from home in one direction and 10 in the other there’s no quick stop option – unless you want to play chicken on the runway! He was a good sport though and after being covered with his blanket went back to sleep. I’m looking into a stroller cover for any other cold run or wintery walk.

Tuesday, as you know, was our anniversary. I was doing my normal little stuff around the house that afternoon and stepped out into the living room on my way to get some water. To my surprise and delight there was a vase of flowers along with a card and some chocolate sitting right inside the door!

My sweet husband had gone out on his lunch break to pick these beautiful wildflowers (can’t you just see him running around a field in his good clothes!) and sneak them inside the house. I like the sunflowers because they bring back good memories of our garden and the flowers I grew there. Later that evening we dropped Lance off with a babysitter and went out to dinner together.

Wed. I dropped Brian off for work and saw some workers changing out the flowers in a huge flower bed. I stopped and asked if I could have the old ones and was rewarded with four huge bushes of gorgeous flowers!

And finally, I went to meet a friend at White Rock Lake so we could walk and talk and introduce our babies to each other. Seems like they’re getting along just fine. Lance was delighted, grinning and jabbering away. (just don’t tell Ellie’s dad that a guy is interested in her already!)

So there you have some small events that make up our day…and make my days bright. Thanks for reading!

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”

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