The grass is greener….

Despite temperatures over 100 in the afternoons, mornings here in Dallas have been quite pleasant this past week. I’ve taken Lance out to enjoy the weather a few times recently in hopes of nurturing a love for the outdoors :-)

Lance wasn’t real thrilled with the texture of grass – though I have to admit I wouldn’t want to lie where my eyes were in danger of being poked out by grass blades.

Turned over on his back was a little better but it took a while to recover from his first experience.

Sitting up and away from the grass gave Lance the opportunity to assess the situation and make a better judgment  on whether the grass be friend or foe.

A tentative sample proved to reinforce his first impression.

Phooey on the great outdoors – fingers are much tastier!

The grass withers, the flower fades but the word of our Lord stands forever!

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