A not so dark but scary night…..

We had just finished watching a movie and settled down for the night…still somewhat awake. So we were talking and laughing a little in the dark when suddenly, a light came on in the house!
Talk about scary! Both of us went silent right away, our minds trying to come up with some explanation for the light besides a burglar. Of course, I wasn’t scared at all….
“Brian, go see what it is”
Brian handed me the cell phone and crept out of bed, peering through the crack in the door. Ah, my brave protector, risking life and limb even though he was weak from being sick for several days! The light was coming from the living room, and peaking around the corner he saw one lamp brightly burning – the automatic touch sensor lamp. So after checking the rest of the house and double checking the lock on the front door, he turned out the light and came back to bed – where I bravely waited all by myself the whole time.
A – “A roach must have crawled over it”
B – “I don’t like that lamp – I unscrewed the bulb so it won’t happen again”
B – “I’m wide awake now”

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  1. Rachel

    Hey thanks for the comment….that’s my first comment on my new website :) It’s very exciting. I think I’m more excited about it than Benj though I still have a lot of questions for him about how to modify things and I still can’t seem to upload photos….arrghh…so I’m going to take my laptop to the parents tomorrow and have him show me in person. Ok well I need to get ready for work…have a great day!!

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