Baby Shower #2

Ahhh, the events preceding the blessed event. Brian and I took a weekend visit to see my family and attend a shower from my friends back home! This post will be on the shower because those are the only pictures I have right now – I’ll have to get others from mom.


Here is my pregnant self with the hors d’oeuvres and a cute cake! Now what did my midwife tell me about eating sugar?


Next came games – guess the baby food and fill in the nursery rhyme. Several attendees play underneath some of the decorations – clothes on a line. I love the cute little blue frog outfit!


No time like the presents! Many cute and practical items – very appreciated by this new mom. It’s nice when those with experience pass on what worked well for them. The hostess gift was a jogging stroller! I was really excited and Brian too when he saw it! We’re hoping to continue our running once I recover from birth, and I was really wanting something that would perform well with extended daily use.


My Aunt started this quilt before our wedding – I guess she figured a little one might be along soon afterwards :-) She teaches quilting to missionary ladies so they in turn can teach the skill to ladies on the mission field.


And now, our lovely hostesses! Thanks to all who helped – I had a great time and felt very loved. It was good to see so many friends and get to catch up a little on happenings in Bryan. Now just waiting on the baby – only one more month!

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