Wow, been so busy recently I haven’t had time to update on the things that are happening!
  Brian is really enjoying his
job and really likes his boss. He’s learning a whole lot which makes
him really excited. He’s also plugging away at college courses and should be finished by the
end of Summer. Then of course, there’s the time he spends with me :) We
jog together, read, discuss child training or names or do projects
around the house. We’ve really had a great time this whole month just
being in love all over again.

Thanksgiving morning we played frisbee glof to work up an appetite for the feast ahead of us.

  Thanksgiving was wonderful! Mom and I split up the cooking and we tested out new recipes on the family.

The next day we were given the task of decorating for Christmas with the direction to come up with something new. We also made it a goal to use every decoration they had.

Brian is their long standing “best idea” decorator. He and Daniel put their heads together to come up with a new scene for the lighted village. Here, Brian builds the framework for his idea…

Which turned out quite beautiful!

Any extra time we had was spent just
relaxing and playing games . The Cahill’s are great strategizers and hence tend to take rather long turns. After playing several games with the boys they obliged me with a faster game of Pit.

  I did pull away from the game table long enough to get some recording, scripting and sound editing done on the Nutcracker. I had a little setback where I lost some files due to my own computer bungling and the failure to properly back myself up, but God was gracious and I’ve already replaced what was lost. Brian was really sweet in helping me recover – I’m so blessed to have such a support.
       Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!      

(note: photo credits go to Benjamin Cahill)

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