Petit Jean – Day 2

Our first hike of the day was down to the waterfall – everything was so gorgeous! Benj. brought his camera along and took some great pictures – this was my favorite.

He also caught one of us as we explored behind the falls and me as I missed my man at the kissing rock.

I liked the composition and colors of this shot. We had a great time scrambling on the rocks at the base of the falls.
                             Kevin                                                                              Benj.
After lunch we hiked the nature trail – scenic view # 11
Next followed an intense game of croquet – where we youngsters came from behind to beat our elders!
That evening we played a great game of seek-and-go-hide in “Bear Caves” – a bunch of huge boulders and rock formations with caves and crevices perfect for hiding.

Last sight at the park as we leave for home. Don’t we look like the VonTrapp family?
I had a blast out on vacation and I’m so grateful I got to go.

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