Major life happenings call for lots of pictures (just wait ’till the baby comes!) and I think that moving is a big life happening. We want to thank God for His amazing provision throughout this whole job finding and relocating process. We also want to thank those who lent a hand.
  Stacie, Lori and Katie came and got us all packed up and load ed on Friday. The next morning we drove to Dallas with further recruited help in the form of Sam and Kevin. After signing all the necessary papers we were handed our keys and allowed to move in!
Here are the guys taking their share of the load – and the caravan it took to get all of our stuff there!
We unloaded the cars in an hour, then the guys took off to pick up some furniture Brian’s grandparents had found for us.

Meanwhile, the girls started to put the house in order. Stacie moves boxes around in the living room while Lori and Katie help me unpack the kitchen stuff. When the guys got back with the furniture we had some homemade pizza all ready for them and so our new house hosted its first guests!
Here’s the living room after we moved all the boxes to where they belonged – you can see the pile of empty ones in the corner. Also the “spare room” which will be our work/storage/guest room.
Next is the dining area with the kitchen beyond and our bedroom. It’s nice to have the house all set up so when we move in next week it won’t be utter chaos.

And here is Brian moving his most prized possession into his new place.

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