Another picture post!
After moving in on Saturday we still had enough daylight to try out ALERT’s latest addition – the Rock Wall.

Stacie bravely volunteered to be the first climber, then Katie put us all to the test – if she could make it, then we had to! Lori made it to the top but unfortunately I was harnessing up and there were no good pictures taken of her. Please take my word for it that she preformed like a true Jones.

I went up next – climbing for two! Brian proved his manhood by mastering the overhang – the rest of us took the easier route to the right.

Finally Adam, the facilitator of the event, took his turn at the wall. After watching Katie play around on the lower half of the wall wile the rest of us climbed her turn he was convinced we had monkey blood in our lines.
We had a grand old time and I was glad to try it out before we had to leave – thanks Adam!

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