My life is very busy as of late, STEP is still in full swing and my sisters are visiting for a week. Between filming, leading P.T., showing them around and taking care of Brian, my days are full! But it’s all fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
  Last night I gave a talk on our courtship and encouraged the girls how they could take action now in the areas of purity, preparation, and building relationship with their parents – specifically the dad. Brian attended the session to hear me speak and all the girls said “awwww” when we walked in holding hands.
  Here’s a little photo update of what has been going on:
Auto Maintenance                                                    Water Safety
 Drywall repair                                                               Search and Rescue
Trust Fall                                                                                          Confidence leap

So far, so good. The girls are having a blast and so am I!

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