Take me out to the ball game.
Saturday we went to Arlington to celebrate Bekah’s birthday! She’s a big Ranger fan so a whole group of us went to watch a game – Rangers vs. Brewers.


Lori and Stacie were there too – their first baseball game!
Katie sat with the expert, Rachel, who could explain the game and teach her the chants.

The whole game went on with very little action, only one run scored by the opposing team about the 5th inning. Then, on the 9th everything picked up. The Brewers scored two more runs and it looked like everything was over. Then it became one of those games you only read about: It was the bottom of the ninth, the home team is trailing by three, the bases are loaded, there are two outs and two strikes – can the batter do it? Yes! Three times as a matter of fact, each batter got one man in and we had a tie game. Then the last man up to bat hits another drive into the right field, the Brewers scramble for the ball but too late! The Rangers put one more across the plate as the stands erupt – what an exciting end!

Bekah and Sam celebrate in the background.

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