Guess What?!

We went out yesterday with some friends like I mentioned in my last post and we tried some unusual food. For appetizer we had alligator tail which tasted like chicken (of course) but had a slight fishy flavor as well. Brian ordered catfish and shrimp while I tried….Frog Legs!!! (how about that, Timothy?) They looked like little drumsticks – again, mostly like chicken but with a strange after taste. They were fried which was nice, I was afraid they would come with the skin on and be a lot harder to eat
  We also played Putt-Putt golf and I won! Brian and Andy were one point behind me and poor Meg came in last We had a really good talk on the way home afterwards. We like them and have purposed to get together with them more often.

In other news…
  Kevin’s bike was stolen last night. We wondered if there’s someone with a personal grudge against the Cahill’s but it seems to be unfortunate links in a chain of events. One of the guy’s sunglasses were stolen the same night as our bikes which coincidentally was the same night a couple boys went missing from a boy’s home near here. Capt. Mandregor is hot on top of everything as well as the police – should be interesting.

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