The Good and the Bad
First the good:
   Yesterday I picked our first green beans and green peppers from the garden! I also picked four more tomatoes and we had them on a salad at lunch. Yum Yum!
  I spent a good portion of the day cooking and loved it – it’s so much fun to have Brian back again so I feel like fixing something nice to eat.

Now the bad:
   We think our bikes were stolen Sunday night. We asked around to see if someone had borrowed them and walked around last night looking for them but nothing so far.
   I felt pretty down last night, and I think I’m getting sick too. I did get up and lead P.T. though – I made them do stations, so all I had to do was stand there and time them.

Now some more good so you won’t end depressed:
  We’re going out tonight with a couple from our church. We really like them and want to reach out and start a friendship. We’re going to a place in Tyler called Fat Cats – they said it serves cajun food – should be fun!

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