On Thursday, Brian and I took a scenic hike along part of the Natchez Trace.
Our hike destination was a a waterfall at the end of a 2.5 mile trail.

Before starting Brian had to field a few tech support calls while I checked out the maps.
Because I had looked at the map I saw no reason to take one with us and we lost a little time going the wrong way at an unexpected split in the trail.
Brian got hungry along the way and found a great place to eat some Gorp. He also captured this neat shot of me.

We took another pit stop to explore up a creek a bit, taking time to pose for some pictures.
Time was getting short and we had no idea how much farther we would have to go, so when the trail wound close to the road we bailed out and followed it back to our car. We didn’t reach the falls but we had a wonderful time in the woods and the weather was just beautiful! We both enjoyed the time together, talking and just being outside.

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