Northwoods Trip

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For starters, it was a long trip. However, we didn’t have to do it in one long haul so that was nice. On the way to Indianapolis (where we manned a book fair booth) there Brian and I had the van all to ourselves . The extra space came in handy for sleeping…and scrapbooking!
 After the book fair, we picked up Maj. Farr in Chicago and drove the rest of the way to Northwoods.

  On our first day at Northwoods, Buck – the Northwoods manager – took us all over the property showing us natural springs, waterfalls and hiking trails.
  Half the camp arrived on the second day and Brian started them to work right away packing down snow for the igloo.
   For the next three days Brian taught a host of outdoor information. From shelters, to fire building, to hypothermia, he held their attention despite the distraction of cold weather. He thought up all kinds of fun activities like survival scattergories and burning through an ice block.

             Teaching Shelter class                                                            Fire building demo

Amy played “support crew” by joining the cook force (me, Mrs. Jensen and helpful Cadets). She walked with Miriam (Bucks wife), helped feed the horses, dug snow tunnels, helped build a demo shelter and cleaned up after Brian.
           Our warm shelter                                             Clothes and shoes drying out in our room.

The trip was a success! Brian and I got to revisit our honeymoon spot and influence lives at the same time. Many of the dad’s expressed amazement that Brian worked with computers because he seemed so much at home out doors. Of course, they just recognized what I already knew – my man is one of many talents.

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