A Wonderful Wife

I just wanted to make a quick post on my wonderful wife Amy. Since we arrived back from Michigan, she has cleaned the house, washed my clothes, ironed my uniforms, polished my boots, cooked great food and had company over, cleaned and fixed up the car, weeded the flower bed, watered the garden, written a letter for me, went shopping, and much much more. But most importantly, she has spent time talking and having Bible studies with me.

She does all of this with an energetic attitude because she wants to show her love for me and I just thought I’d take a minute to give her a public Thank You. Also thanks go to her family and to God for all that they have invested in her life.

I’d say more, but I might get too mushy for the listening audience.

I love you Amy!


P.S. – The scrapbook that Amy was working on is taking my old falling apart book with pictures and stuff in it from when I was a kid and re-doing it for me! She’s the greatest.

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