It’s 21 degrees out. Needless to say, we didn’t go running this morning.
It snowed yesterday – little flakes falling all morning.

And now, to report on our first Valentine’s day (I’m sure you have all been anxiously waiting…)

The day started out fairly normal (though each of us were harboring plans the other didn’t know about). The whole morning passed well – I got a surprise ready for that evening and did other house stuff while Brian worked.
Brian, however, got the jump on me by sneaking into our apartment while I was out walking with Laura. I didn’t know this so instead of going straight home, I stopped by the admin (Brian’s work building) and spent half an hour with Sharon (on front desk duty) trying to find a way to get Brian out of his office so I could leave something on his desk.
 An opportunity finally presented itself and I dashed upstairs, carried out my deed and skipped home, pleased with me cleverness. On arriving, I was totally surprised by this!

During the afternoon I worked on this website and then cooked a dinner of Chicken fried steak – Brian’s favorite.
I had it all set up to take a picture but forgot until after the meal was over, so here are the remains.

And all the dishes – Brian says it’s a sign of a good cook

We finished the evening with reading, games and a questionnaire that I found on line.
It was all very wonderful and I was happy to be spending my first Valentines with the man I love most.

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