The Cahill Report: Various and sundry news items.

  This weekend we went to my parents house for a surprise visit! We coordinated it all through dad and had he and mom go out for dinner Friday night and we were waiting at the restaurant. Michael and Lindsey joined us and we had a good meal of chicken fried steak.
  We surprised the kids on arriving at the house after dinner – Tim just kind of stood there and said “oh wow”!
Saturday we jogged with Katie, visited some old neighborhood friends and participated in a bumper pool tournament – Lori won. We also played frisbee golf, the wind was blowing so hard it added a whole new element to the course. Brian and I won that being just 2 over par (the wind really messed things up!)
  Sunday we went to church, visited with friends for a little while and then with my parents for a longer while then played games with the boys until they had to leave for the evening activities. We had a wonderful talk most of the way home and Brian took me by the little place where he met my dad for the first time.

We wished we had our Aggie shirts on.

In other news…
  I took out my contacts potentially for the last time last night. I’m going to try and have lasic eye surgery done to restore my vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. However, in order to get an acurate measurement of my vision, I have to go without contacts for three weeks – meaning in back in glasses. It’s not too bad though because I know I only have to endure for a time in order to gain something better. Kind of like living life on this earth in hope of heaven.
“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Rom. 8:18
  Not that I’m really “suffering”, it’s just the fact of enduring something unpleasant, or something I’d rather not have to do, in order to gain something that far outweighs the initial inconvienence. Think of what I would miss if I were unwilling to go through a little trouble on my part – twenty years or so of freedom! (those who have never experienced the affliction of poor eyesight may not be able to fully appreciate this analogy.)

Anyhow, that’s just life for now – I’m living it and loving it! Life is good!

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