Last night was ALERT’s annual Valentine banquet where the single staff prepare everything and serve all of the married couples. It was a wonderful evening – rose petals scattered along the table, floating candles and good company  set the perfect mood.  Brian looked incredibly sharp in a suit, pale green shirt and silver tie. I wore the dress I was wearing when we first met up in Flint. Our  pictures were taken and we milled around while eating Hors D’Oeuvres and drinking punch in glasses rimmed with sugar.
  We were seated across from Brian’s parents and conversation was helped around the table with question cards at each place with prompts like, “what  was your favorite date” and “how many Valentines have you celebrated together” (Brian and I hadn’t celebrated any at that time!). We had a five course dinner which included:
Pea soup
Citrus topped salad
Peach Sorbet
Salmon, couscous and asparagus
Strawberry shortcake
Ended with your choice of tea, coffee or mocha.
Entertainment between each course consisted of several love songs and one liners about love or the differences between the sexes. Dinner was followed by a short devotional on being known as Christ’s disciples by our love for others.
  In all, it was a perfectly wonderful, romantic evening.

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