Hmmm, update time…
As you may remember, I was participating in a “secret sister” type activity and had been giving my “sister” projects on the meaning of love based off of 1 Cor. 13. Well, last night I culminated my efforts in one major application of “love endures all things.” Starting as soon as work was over for the day (causing her to miss supper) I sent her on a long treasure hunt with one of the other girls (for companionship). They had to ride their bikes all over campus and at one point paddle out to a canoe I had secured out in the middle of the lake! Brian had helped me set up a few things due to his special skills; an unknown phone number that forwarded to someone’s house for a clue, and a website announcing the end of their journey.
  It took them about an hour and a half to complete to whole thing while Brian waited, patient and hungry for them to arrive. (He’s such a sweet guy and puts up with all my crazy ideas) We had a good time of fellowship and looking at pictures of our wedding and stuff    I had loads of fun coming up with things and I’m glad I had the chance and a willing enough participant.
  Tonight is the ALERT Valentine banquet and I’m looking forward to it! We’ll have our picture taken as a couple and enjoy good food and entertainment. Then tomorrow is our first Valentines together! I have great plans….

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