Driving Lessons…

Here is Amy, behind the wheel….

…of a bus! Weep and mourn all you who traverse the black ribbon of highways – or at least the one running through Big Sandy – for now you must share your precious space with yet another slow moving vehicle.

Brian took me for driving lessons Saturday and Sunday afternoon. After driving around campus a bit and acquainting myself with my new size (no, 15 passenger vans do not compare) I got to make my first trial run on actual government maintained roads. With my ever patient and never panicked instructor, I navigated small town streets, rail-road crossings and a long back up out of a dead end road.

On the way back we encountered a train parked across the road so we hopped out to take our picture next to it before finding another route. Fortunately, by the time we got back into the bus the train decided to move and we continued on our way – avoiding a long back up.

Thanks to my incredibly knowledgeable and helpful teacher, I learned to back around a curve, judge the position of my rear bumper, adjust my mirrors, preform a brake check, watch out for curbs and parallel park next to our own own car (scary!). Just a few more trips and I’ll be ready for my drivers test!

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