I just want to praise God for an answer to prayer.
 I had injured my knee a few months ago which really set me back in my running (after an initial week of rest I could only run a 1/4 mile) God has been working some healing there and I am back to 3-4 miles.
  Also, I had sprained(?) my big toe around the same time and it had really been hurting me too. I was walking on the side of my foot and it just ached a lot of times making running difficult as well. Monday, it was hurting after a little jog of about two miles and I just took time that morning and really begged God to heal that because it was my desire to take care of my body through exercise but this was hampering that.
 Well, yesterday Brian and I took the PT test together which includes push-ups (being on your toes) and running two miles as fast as you can. Neither injury hurt during or afterwards! Again, this morning we went for a 4 1/2 mile jog and again I have had no problems. God has really done something neat and it can only be Him because it hurt so bad Monday and was totally fine the next day. So praise God together with me!

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