Yes, I ended up joining Brian for one full day of mutual pain and suffering (okay, so it wasn’t quite that bad). We both ended up on the couch but no pictures were taken as  all motivation to move had long since left the both of us. In retrospect I said I should have somehow snapped a shot and posted it with the caption “pray harder”. Fortunately Brian was on the mend and made lunch for us that day – grilled cheese and pretty good if I do say so myself.
  Next day Brian went back to work while I tried to rest up and decontaminate the whole house because Bekah was coming over. We had fun just talking that afternoon, then cooked up two frozen pizza’s (homemade of course ) and invited one of the guys over to make an even number for a night of game playing.
  Next day I’m feeling a lot better except for a bad sore throat. Bekah and I plan out two weeks menu then try to go shopping. I got lost on the way to Walmart, being distracted with trying to remember what was on the shopping list I had left at home . We called Brian to get us out of our predicament and he made some comment about two blondes trying to do anything. The evening again included inviting another single guy over for brownies and games. (I think Bekah suspects that we are trying to set her up).
  After crashing into bed after yet another late night, Brian wakes up this morning with the exclamation of “oh no, it’s 8:00! He quickly gets ready while I make him a breakfast on the run. Next on our agenda is volunteering our arms to the medic class for IV practice…

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