Medic IV practice
Brian bravely goes first to show Amy how it’s done.      “Wow, this dude is a rank beginner. Mmm, that hurts!”

Amy gets quite an audience – “honest, watching the girl….it’s instructional”. (Don’t worry, the guy had on gloves so there was no physical contact.) Ben seemed confident in his needle skills and takes Amy on – even though girls are a little harder due to smaller veins. Little did the poor guy know, but Amy had it in for him; as soon as he touches her with the needle she lets out a little scream – shook him up pretty bad.
Shook him up so bad in fact that he didn’t make it on that                Brian thought that was pretty funny.
first attempt and had to try Amy’s other hand.

While Ben works away on Amy, Brian lets several            Even Bekah joins in on the fun.
 more guys take a shot at his arm seven tries in all!

Back to Amy…..Ben still has yet to draw blood (notice the double tourniquet) in fact, both he and the instructor are wondering if I have any blood at all! Guess it’s bad news for the blood drive we signed up for on Monday.

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