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Brian came up with this during a deep sipirtual discussion. The wording says: When Jabez asked for his bounderies to expand it had nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with self-gratification.  “…they shall be fat and flourishing” Ps. 92:13-14


Over the last several days Brian and I have been busy with Christmas projects. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature   of such projects, no pictures or descriptions can be posted. There is one project however that I can put up for public viewing. I just finished making our stockings! I used the same fabric […]


Pride goeth before a fall….or a fire. This morning as we were jogging, Brian and I were discussing various couples interaction at the Sunday school we had attended yesterday. We were on the topic of making jokes at your spouses expense and I said something about how it wouldn’t bother me if Brian made a […]


I’m going on a date tonight! Me and one incredibly handsome man are going to a choir concert to hear Christmas music. Our date will involve a little bit of Christmas shopping, a nice long car ride together, beautiful singing, and then out for a quick bite with his sister who was in the choir. […]


I’m here at front desk again. Not too much is happening. I wrote thank you notes. I’ve now written 175 of them. Only 30 min. until lunch! This is my last day for this week. I’ll be working two mornings next week. Don’t know which two mornings that will be. Scariest event of the day: […]

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