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Another first for me this week: Ironing Brian’s uniform. We had a little lesson one evening. Brian demonstrated on a Chambray, then nervously watched as I tried my hand on his dress white. He only jumped in once when it looked like I was going to iron “railroad tracks” on his sleeve crease. He then […]


Brian had a few first’s this week:   For the first time in our entire relationship (a whole five months!) Brian didn’t open my car door to get me out when we stopped! On the way home from Thanksgiving with my family we came across a two car wreck – looked like they had hit […]


Well, it’s a day late, but I’ll bet you can all guess what I’m thankful for.


In honor of the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, I’m going to post a little about cooking here in my new house. I’m happy as a lab in water in my little kitchen and have utilized just about every dish and utensil that I have. The pots work great and I love the knives – they’re […]


I’m happy to say that Brian is on the mend! He took today off from work ( ) to try and get some food back into his system. I tried to accommodate him as well as I could by making homemade chicken noodle soup – works every time. Next I got him outside in the fresh […]

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