Pride goeth before a fall….or a fire.
This morning as we were jogging, Brian and I were discussing various couples interaction at the Sunday school we had attended yesterday. We were on the topic of making jokes at your spouses expense and I said something about how it wouldn’t bother me if Brian made a joke about my cooking because I knew how much he liked it and I felt very confident in my abilities.
  This afternoon I was cooking dinner for Brian; his favorite, chicken fried steak. Trying to manage several different items at once I let the oil for frying heat up real good and it started smoking. Next thing I knew the fire alarms in the entire dorm are going off. Great. I sheepishly call Brian up at work.
Brian: “hello my love!”
hi Brian…, um….this is sort of embarrassing.”
(hears the noise in the background) “ah, the fire alarms are going off?”
“um, yeah…but I didn’t even burn anything!”
“you want me to come turn them off?”
“you can do that? (thinks: my hero!) oh, but hasn’t it alerted other people?”
“well yes, it calls the front desk and a few other people”
(great, now we’ll have to put up with wise cracks about eating in the dining hall tonight)
Brian: “don’t worry, it only tells which dorm had the alarm, not which apartment it generated from”
“Um, Brian, we’re the only ones living in the dorm”
“oh yeah….well, I’ll swing by and shut them off”
“thank you”

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