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Have you ever done something that seemed good at the time but then you later regretted it? A few weeks ago I watched about 10 minutes of the movie “Jaws”. I hadn’t ever seen it because my parents weren’t so keen on it, but as I watched I thought, “wow, this movie isn’t so bad…it’s […]

Are you addicted?

This post has been called for by some of my readers and has been something I’ve thought about since I took that test on drugs and alcohol abuse. Where do I start? Some of my thoughts have been about what is addiction and why is it bad? If drugs didn’t kill your body or the […]


I passed my test! I think that I am now totally done!!! I say “think” because that is the fifth time I have taken my “last” test. May be I just like the rush of finishing and wanted to repeat it several times. Anyhow, unless I get thrown another curve ball, as afar as I’m […]


Tomorrow I take my last test; excited, aprehensive, ready, not ready. Please pray.

Life at a slower pace.

If you know anything about me you will know that the above phrase is not characteristic of me. Not everyone lives at my “drum beat” however so it’s good to get a taste of someone else’s world every once in a while. This week we stepped out of the normal pace of life and lived […]

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